Reputation Management

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Repuation Management

Reputation is different from image or branding for the fact that image can be created, while reputation is an identity that evolves over time. Reputation Management involves creating a tracking module bearing in mind the individual needs of the business. The nuances include tracking an entity’s activities and other entities’ opinions about those actions, reporting on those actions and opinions; and reacting to that report to create continuous feedback.

A personal brand represents one’s values, ideas, and personality. It stimulates the exact and meaningful perceptions that one identifies with as a person. A personal brand helps one stand out from the rest especially when it comes to the spheres of influence within business circles. It is the way that one presents himself to potential clients, fans, and followers – online and offline. It has now become clear that personal brands are the new currency of business and culture. Blueafric Media can help and guide define your brand identity, social media platforms, content strategy, and plan that would give you a solid and robust brand image.
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