Brand Identity Design

End to end we reflect the essence of your brand from concept ideation to design

Brand Identity Creation

A brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers. Creating a branding identity truly matters because it helps you communicate with your customers more clearly. The more consistent your messaging, the more likely you are to attract and maintain a loyal audience.

Essentially, your service/product leaves an impression on your customers, so brand identity created through an impeccable branding design is the process of shaping that impression. BlueAfric Media understands what it takes to bring the art to the cart in designing a unique brand identity that includes simplicity, a distinctive approach, and design for an intended message.
Our approach to social media is holistic, and target-driven.

How We Can Help

BlueAfric Media is a leading branding design agency in Nigeria with extensive experience in helping businesses come up with impeccable identity designs. Considered as one of the top agencies in Nigeria, our number one priority is to ensure that our clients receive best-in-class brand identity design services that help them gain and ascertain customer loyalty in the long run. We offer:

Concept Development

A brand concept is all about how a brand makes you feel, which eventually becomes the base to build an entire brand and marketing strategy.

Brand Identity Design

A brand identity strives to communicate clearly with the target audience directly through design.

Brand Design Guidelines

They lay out all the visual details and important notes about the company's voice, tone, and messaging.

Packaging Design

Like any memorable design, packaging tells a story behind the brand. Packaging design, which is part of its visual brand identity, is the process of creating everything.

Collateral Design

It is also a part of the visual identity of a brand and is basically the collection of media designed to promote the brand and support the marketing of products/services.
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