Email Marketing

Explore a powerful tactic for lead generation and lead nurturing.

Email Marketing

We provide cost-effective email marketing campaign solution for enterprises, SMEs and Startups in GCC/UAE markets with high ROI. We increase your business leads, sales and conversion in the target region with the target audience

Email marketing is the best platform where you invest in building stronger relationships with your potential customers. It is the most powerful and cost-effective tool for streamlining your business growth. This will not only help you to generate leads but will also help you in strengthening your relationship with the old customers.
As one of the best and most renowned email marketing agencies in Nigeria, we are having a customer-centric and result-oriented approach to email marketing. We help you to design newsletters, email campaigns, help you connect with your contacts, and in building a healthy relationship with your customers.
Our approach to social media is holistic, and target-driven.

How We Can Help

Apart from that we will do A/B testing, benchmarking, tracking sales, measuring open rates, measure clicks, smart recommendations etc. Here is our email marketing process. Here is our email marketing process:


We follow a personalized and segmentation email process so you can send emails containing dynamic content to satisfy users of different ages, locations, gender, industry, nationality, income, job titles etc

Database Audit

We collect and build a mail list from subscribed recipients or lead generation. We reformat your mailing list, reload it and finally, audit and cleanse relevant accounts and contact details.

Design Email

As one of the pro-efficient email marketing companies in Nigeria, we plan and design responsive emails that support laptops, mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices. For brand awareness, we build our content easy to read, crisp, and relevant and collect important media such as images, clips, GIFS, and attachments if needed

Setup Campaigns

We choose the day & time for campaigns to segment the mailing list and to improve the scope for personalization. The bounce rate of the website or the number of users who leave immediately. Based on the email volume, we draft and complete the email campaign calendar monthly or quarterly.

Monitor, Report & Analyze

We monitor Click through Rate (CTR), Bounce Rate, Subscribed/unsubscribed rate, Potential Customer conversion, Email list growth, Geo Statistics, track traffic after every campaign.
Measuring facts and figures is an important feature of email marketing. Thus, we prepare custom reports that show the efforts and ROI of the sales and marketing team by measuring the statistics from the email campaigns. These customized reports will help us design a recent campaign and A/B testing in email designs. Finally, we analyze what strategy worked and what did not give the desired results, which help us plan further email strategy.
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